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Buildscripts cleanup
Since we're currently releasing the first alpha version of LSL, a lot of cleanup have been made through the SVN... Older build scripts and unneeded files are removed to provide a clean and comprehensive repository.
Published by on 2012/09/26
LSL 1.0alpha1 finalizing
We're currently finalizing LSL 1.0alpha1 packages build. All packages from the distribution have been updated to the latest available stable version. For now, only a few packages are still waiting for build... It will then be time to test the release... Please have a look at packages page to check progress
Published by on 2012/09/24 website under construction
LSLinux distribution has now its own webpage! It's and will probably be under active developpement for a while... :)
Published by on 2012/09/22

LSLinux is a µClibc based Linux distribution for x86 processors (actually compiled for x86_64 only). Most of the system tools are written in shell and compliant with the ash shell from the Busybox. The goal of this project is to provide a compact and easily customizable system. Uncompressed base sytem size is approximatively 4Mo, less than 2Mo for initramfs. It contains the busybox, and a package manager (naspacker). System is small enough to be run entirely from RamFS and may embed a configuration manager (nptools) which allows to save/restore configuration at system startup/shutdown.

Initially, the distribution was created to provide a NAS sytem for miniITX motherboards with an Atom processor, but it should be suitable for any x86_64 machine and usage depending on the installed packages (NAS with FTP, SaMBa, NFS... servers, Firewall/Router with iptables and quagga, or a complete web server with Nginx,PHP,MySQL...). System's administration can be done via ssh (if dropbear ssh server is installed) or by using a web a web based interface (if lsl-webadmin package is installed).

To get a quick overview, you can read the quickstart guide in Documentation section. Bootable medias, a basic developpement environnement, compilation scripts and more are available in Download section. You may first want to have a look at available packages.

You're encouraged to participate by submitting your own build scripts and pacakges. You will find in the Documentation section informations on how to create your own build scripts and to publish produced packages. If you're interested, please use the contact page!